5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty
Item# BB5YR

Product Description

  • Offered directly by the manufacturer, BioBidet.
  • Begins on the date of purchase of the BioBidet™ seat unit. Coverage goes into effect on 366th day from original purchase and continues through the 5th year.
  • During the warranty period, any parts or labor are the sole responsibilities of the manufacturer.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping to the manufacturer, but return postage after service will be covered under warranty.
  • Unit will be given a priority service tag and will be serviced in about 2 business days before being returned to customer.
  • Warranty will remain in effect even in the unlikely event Flushnice is no longer in business.
  • If product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a brand new seat.
  • Warranty does not cover loss of the product or other incidental or consequential damage or expenses you may incur.
  • Warranty does not cover cost for removal and re-installation or cost of repairs by others.