• Convenient controls.
  • Powerful but silent deodorizing.
  • Auto-smart power saving.
  • Heated seat.
  • Warm air drying.
  • Sensational operation.
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Discover the Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000BB-1000 image

BB-1000 BioBidet Supreme
Heated Seat, Warm Air Drying, Wireless Remote, Deodorizing Filter
BB-800 BioBidet Prestige
Heated Seat, Warm Air Drying, Turbo Enema/Water Vortex
BB-600 BioBidet Ultimate
Temperature-Controlled Seat, Infrared Air Dry, Power-Saving
BB-300 BioBidet Universal - DISCONTINUED
4-Level Pressure and Temperature Control, Compact Design, Auto-Off
BB-i3000 BioBidet Premium
Continuous Warm Water, Soft-Close Seat, Posterior & Feminine Washing, Non-Electric
Bio Bidet BB-250 Duo
Adjustable Pressure, Self-Cleaning, Temperature Control, No Batteries & No Electricity
5 Year Warranty
Covers Full Parts and Labor for your BioBidet Product