Neorest 500 Dual Flush

Neorest 500 Dual Flush
Item# MS950CG
MSRP: $3,494.00
with free shipping: $2,799.00

Product Description

The Neorest® 500 is an impressive convergence of personal cleansing and comfort functions, advanced technology and design that far exceed the experience associated with everyday toilets.

The compact Neorest 500, which utilizes TOTO’s Cyclone® flushing system, is perfect for when space is at a premium and includes the following luxury features:

  • Programmable Nightlight
  • New Easy-to-Read Remote Control Design
  • Auto Open and Close Lid
  • Washlet Bidet Cleansing with Three Modes
  • Adjustable Spray with Precision Positioning
  • Hands Free Auto Flush
  • Integrated Warm-Air Dryer
  • Built-In Air Purifying System
  • Cyclone Flushing System
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